Preparing For Canary Breeding Season

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Preparing For Canary Breeding Season

Breeding Season – 2007

December 25th is the day my build up programmes for the breeding season begin. By this time I will make sure I have everything I will need for the oncoming periods. This not only includes the obvious, nest pans, felts, nest material, but also feed and sawdust, spare perches and rings. Nothing must be left to chance, as the breeding season approaches all cage bird supply companies get very busy and you could be caught short. I know ring manufacturers can have a four-week waiting period and some suppliers will run out of stocks of seed or soft food this time of year.

February. Nest felts should be securely fixed inside nest pans. I use plastic cable ties to secure my felts to the pans and then add a generous amount of anti-mite powder between the pan and the felt. I prepare my nest material which is shredded sacking, It is amazing how much of this can be used in one season.

Above you can see how I fix my felts to the nest pans. It is a much quicker way than sowing the felt into the pan (and kinder to the fingers!)

March 9th. Some hens are now very close to breeding condition. All have been fed the same with the same lighting exposure but some are on target, some are not. I have introduced the nest pans to a few of the hens which are now nest building.

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