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Canary Cage Setup - Housing & Equipment

Canary Cage Setup – Housing & Equipment

My Canary Housing Set Up After moving house in 2002, I opted for two separate buildings so the youngsters, when weaned, can be transferred away from their parents, caged individually and the artificial lights brought down earlier to assist the young birds through the molt in preparation for the early shows. First Cabin Here you can see the new accommodation for my stud. The cabin at the back will be used for breeding purposes, containing Eighty plastic cages each around 40cm long, these […]
avian flu

Avian Flu by Malcolm Green

Normal Avian Flu is not much of a threat to aviculture. Every now and again most countries experience an outbreak (you had one in California a couple of years ago). Because it is a devastating disease for the poultry industry, drastic control measures are enforced including culling programmes and the suspension of trade (hence sales) of birds. H1N1 The H5N1 highly pathogenic strain has killed 60 humans in SE Asia though it is actually very difficult for people to catch it without […]