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Crested Canary Questions & Answers

Crested Canary Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers I have compiled this section with a hope it will trigger many future topics for discussion. If we all lived to be one hundred years old we would still encounter new hurdles in our hobby. As a novice in my final year, I write this including many questions I asked myself and enclose the answers I received. As many fanciers do, I learned also from my experiences. Q: Should artificial lighting and heating be used, and if so at […]
Common Canary Breeding Problems, Concerns and Care

Common Canary Breeding Problems, Concerns and Care

Three Types of Canaries When you decide to purchase a canary, you may choose from among three basic categories: Song, Colorbred and Type Canaries. Song Canaries include – American Singers, German Rollers, Spanish Timbrados or Waterslagers. These song canaries are judged in competition on how well they sing. Colorbreds come in 35-45 different color variations. Many feel the Red lipochrome canary is the most popular. However, there are so many different colors; it is hard to say which ones are the most popular. Everybody seems to […]
Preparing For Canary Breeding Season

Preparing For Canary Breeding Season

Breeding Season – 2007 December 25th is the day my build up programmes for the breeding season begin. By this time I will make sure I have everything I will need for the oncoming periods. This not only includes the obvious, nest pans, felts, nest material, but also feed and sawdust, spare perches and rings. Nothing must be left to chance, as the breeding season approaches all cage bird supply companies get very busy and you could be caught short. I know ring […]

Buying Canaries

Buying Canaries Having spent time setting up suitable housing, now is the time to go collect your stock. November onwards is the preferred time for stock disposal so presuming you purchase your birds at this time they will have six months to settle in before the breeding season. Hens will be happy in small groups with the cock birds housed on their own in double breeders. Supplier The supplier of your birds should verse you with his/her management techniques, which will help […]

History Of The Crested Canary

The Crest mutation first appeared around 1770. They were originally known as the “turn-crown” or “turncrest”. The crest obviously appealed to the fancy at that time. By the middle of the 19th century, Crested Canaries were to be found in several of the breeds of that time, Norwich, Lancashire as well as amongst other common canaries. By Victorian times they had a great following with many fanciers keeping both forms of the Norwich breed. Old manuals illustrating The Norwich Plainhead and the […]
Traveling With Birds By Car Or Airline

12 Tips Traveling With Birds By Car Or Airline

Summer vacation time is here so if your feathered friend will be joining you, here are a few pointers to keep in mind! (Note: If birds are not vacationing with you, be sure to board them with a qualified bird-sitter. Birds CANNOT be left alone — even for a night or two!!) If staying in a motel, be sure to check ahead to ensure your birdie is allowed and welcome there! When flying, check WELL in advance with the airlines to be […]

Fostering A New Generation In Aviculture

The “face” of aviculture as it appears today is slowly maturing. Sitting in the lecture rooms at the Vegas Pet Expo in February, listening to the speakers and looking around the room at attendees, I was struck by the actuality of this statement. The average age of people in the room appeared to be 40-50, although certainly, some were younger and some older. With few exceptions, the speakers also fell into this same classification. This was a frightening realization. We might assume […]
yellow canary

Are You A True Canary Fan? Hard Feather Vs Soft Feather Quiz

I thought I would try out a fun type canary quiz. Hope you like it. If it becomes popular, I will try to include other fun activities as time goes on. Maybe we could do a contest based on who answers the most correct Canary Trivia answers? Or a fun Canary crossword puzzle. Let me know what you think Yah or Nah!

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