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My Handicap Canary Story (pg 1 of 3) ~ Injured Bird Who Do I Call?

She should never have hatched in the first place. I have never been able to imagine how it happened; the fact that it did lends me proof that miracles do too still happen.   It was like this… SPRINGTIME It was one of those bitterly cold and startlingly clear days when the wind frisks across the sky chasing high scraps of cumulus, and everywhere you hear the dripping of water as winter begins to lose its hold on the land. Up in my […]
Bird-Leg-injuries -

My Handicap Canary Story (pg 2 of 3) ~ Bird Leg Injuries

NOT AGAIN!!! Her air sac problem healed just in time for the next emergency. One of my older birds came down with a virus; although the diagnosis was not positive, as I’d caught it quite early, there were too many similarities with the dreaded avian disease known as canary pox for comfort, and I was faced with vaccinating the entire flock. Usually, this would not be a problem, the breeding season is fairly well over, but my vet was worried that the […]

My Handicap Canary Story (pg 3 of 3) ~

AUTUMN GAMES It took me awhile to catch Turker in the act of releasing herself from her cage to play, and in the meantime, she had free run of the house whenever she felt like it. Her escapades more often than not had me with my heart in my mouth as I reckoned the odds with which she toyed so lightly. She led me no mean dance as I tried, in my clumsy human way, to follow her reasoning and discover how […]
Color Bred Canary

Hard Feather Canary VS Soft Feather Canary

I received a question from a young novice to the fancy; the question was about the color of nestlings and the pairing of breeding birds. This question prompted me to write this article. This article will (I hope) help the novice breeder understand a little about Canary colors and the pairing of birds for breeding. All Canaries To begin with, “All” canaries come as “Hard” feather or “Soft” feathered birds. It doesn’t matter what “variety” or “color” we talk about. It could be […]

What Is Vanodine V18 For Birds ~ Iodine Sanitizer In The Birdroom And Aviary

Vanodine V .18 is an iodophor that is to say “A carrier of Iodine” specially formulated and stabilized by a patented process for use with all types of livestock. It should be regarded as a biocide rather than a disinfectant. A biocide inactivates ALL types of organisms, viruses, bacteria, and even fungi. A disinfectant does not necessarily do this, for most disinfectants are “selective” in what they kill. Very few, for example, are effective against the polio virus, TB germs, or many […]
Sprouting Seeds For Birds

Sprouting Seeds For Birds, What Is Involved? ~ Recipe #3

The items and seeds here are one of the recipes I use for sprouting seeds for birds, one of many I will be sharing over time. You can purchase smaller or larger amounts of seed and items to suit your needs. The hardware is readily available from your supermarket. The seeds can be purchased loose, in any amount, from your local seed and grain store or stock feed supplier. The picture below shows a mixture of beans and seed sprouting that I […]
Boarding For Birds And Bird Sitters While On Vacation

Boarding For Birds And Bird Sitters While On Vacation

Now that I no longer breed canaries, and my overall pet population has decreased to a still crazy but somewhat more manageable level, I actually get to travel. But I remember those days. The biggest drawback I faced then, other than the food bill, was the fact that I couldn’t go anywhere because I had too many critters to care for. Taking a day or two away was a major ordeal and involved copious amounts of written and verbal instructions for the […]
Feather Plucking

Feather Plucking

As we work with our pet birds and breeding pairs, we are constantly coming up with new problems and, hopefully, new solutions to the problems. Feather chewing, pulling, clipping and plucking is something that can occur in pet birds or breeding birds, and can be the behavioral result of a variety of causes. Articles on feather plucking have been written by veterinarians, pet bird owners, and bird breeders. Surveys have been made to seek causes for the problem. Certainly, I would suggest […]
How To Get Rid Of Bird Mites Naturally - Bird Mite Images

How To Get Rid Of Bird Mites Naturally – Bird Mite Images

Parasitic mites pose a serious threat to the health of cage birds, and some can even affect bird keepers. The most familiar parasites are the Red Mite and the Northern Mite, but lesser known species which affect our birds include the Scaly Leg Mite, the Canary Lung Mite, and the Grain or Flour Mite. In the annual battle with these pests, there is no ‘final solution’; fanciers may go for a year or two with few problems, but the war is never-ending, […]