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Full Details My Canary Cages And What’s In Them!

This article can be summarized in a very short manner. There is no “cage” (or flight) that is too big for your canaries to enjoy as long as it is of safe materials and escape-proof!! My birds are housed in LONG FLIGHT CAGES which are simply big long cages, so they have enough room for some flying exercise and enough room to play a little. Unobstructed flight patterns from one end of the cage to the other gives them the most room […]

Flight Cages Are For The Birds

Creatures Of The Air It is a cool, crisp morning, and I lean back contentedly into the chair in the corner of my birdroom, sipping coffee. In front of me is a series of interconnecting flight cages, filled with crowds of busy, happy young Red Factor canaries. The air is filled with the sound of their songs, squabbles, and chirps, while they themselves zip about their home feeding and playing. They look like a drift of autumn leaves tossed by a playful […]
Common Canary Breeding Problems, Concerns and Care

Common Canary Breeding Problems, Concerns and Care

Three Types of Canaries When you decide to purchase a canary, you may choose from among three basic categories: Song, Colorbred and Type Canaries. Song Canaries include – American Singers, German Rollers, Spanish Timbrados or Waterslagers. These song canaries are judged in competition on how well they sing. Colorbreds come in 35-45 different color variations. Many feel the Red lipochrome canary is the most popular. However, there are so many different colors; it is hard to say which ones are the most popular. Everybody seems to […]
My Canary Breeding Cage Plans

My Canary Breeding Cage Plans

I have now purchased new show quality breeding stock, consisting of six Red Factors – Lipochromes. (Two Red cocks and four Apricot hens). New Breeding Stock Six pair of Fife Fancies, (I still have some good Fifes in my flights, so I just want some new blood to improve on what I have) One of the new cock Fifes is a Blue-White carrying cinnamon so I will keep good records of him (I keep good records of all my birds:-) and his […]
Canary Cage Setup - Housing & Equipment

Canary Cage Setup – Housing & Equipment

My Canary Housing Set Up After moving house in 2002, I opted for two separate buildings so the youngsters, when weaned, can be transferred away from their parents, caged individually and the artificial lights brought down earlier to assist the young birds through the molt in preparation for the early shows. First Cabin Here you can see the new accommodation for my stud. The cabin at the back will be used for breeding purposes, containing Eighty plastic cages each around 40cm long, these […]