Mentoring Young Bird Breeders

Of all the people I have ever met who keep birds, most if not all were first introduced to birdkeeping by somebody more familiar with the pleasures these small beauties can bring into a human’s life. They took the time and effort to see that our first introduction was a fulfilling one, and they made themselves available for the inevitable spate of questions and learning which follows. Many of us feel that it is up to us to, in our turn, pass […]

Love Those Little Birds!

This week I’d like to discuss the main focus of this website, small companion pet birds. Although such easily found birds as budgies and finches are still considered exotic by many people, the range of small birds species available to us as pets and companions encompasses a dazzling array of personality, color, song, and behavior. Even though reliable information on their needs and behavior is not always easy to find, many of us have found ourselves enchanted by these small creatures and […]
Traveling With Birds By Car Or Airline

12 Tips Traveling With Birds By Car Or Airline

Summer vacation time is here so if your feathered friend will be joining you, here are a few pointers to keep in mind! (Note: If birds are not vacationing with you, be sure to board them with a qualified bird-sitter. Birds CANNOT be left alone — even for a night or two!!) If staying in a motel, be sure to check ahead to ensure your birdie is allowed and welcome there! When flying, check WELL in advance with the airlines to be […]
avian flu

Avian Flu by Malcolm Green

Normal Avian Flu is not much of a threat to aviculture. Every now and again most countries experience an outbreak (you had one in California a couple of years ago). Because it is a devastating disease for the poultry industry, drastic control measures are enforced including culling programmes and the suspension of trade (hence sales) of birds. H1N1 The H5N1 highly pathogenic strain has killed 60 humans in SE Asia though it is actually very difficult for people to catch it without […]