What Can I Feed My Canary

What Can I Feed My Canary?

Here is a short list of the items I include for my little birds in their cage year around: FRESH, CLEAN WATER EVERY DAY is the most important thing to do! Supreme or Super Seed Mix of the highest quality available. I use Volkman Avian Science Super Canary Bird Seed and “ruffies” during the breeding season. Several other good ones are Kaytee, Kellogg, 8 in 1 SUPERSEDED SELECT mixes – not basic mixes). Petamine at all times. Harrisons High Potency Superfine at […]
Sprouting Seeds For Birds

Sprouting Seeds For Birds & Nestling Food Diet

What Is All This Stuff? Soaked seed is a method of feeding seed in a form similar to that in which it is found in the wild by a foraging bird. As the name implies, this method involves soaking the seed, followed by thorough rinsing and (usually) a short period in which the soaked seed is allowed to begin to sprout. Wild birds eat many varieties of green and/or sprouting seeds in their quest for food. Seed in this form is highly […]
Crested Canary Feeding & General Management

Crested Canary Feeding & General Management

Crested Canary How-To Guide – Feeding-General Management The feeding of any stud of birds is the key to success or failure in all aspects of canary management. A haphazard approach will mirror the same results. All top breeders follow a consistent plan based upon the successful results they have achieved throughout the years, with the door always open for experimentation. My own particular feeding regime is not vastly different from most nor is it over complicated with graphs and charts. I use […]