canary egg candling

Canary Egg Candling And Egg Formation

Formation of the Canary Egg The egg is a delicate organism, and it is assembled in a precise order. First, the yolk and ovum are produced. They develop in the ovary, a grape like the cluster of ovules or miniature yolks located in the back of the hen. The yolk remains in the ovaries until it is ripe. When it is mature, the yolk drops into the funnel section (infundibulum) of the oviduct. Here the ovum is fertilized by the male sperm […]

Mentoring Young Bird Breeders

Of all the people I have ever met who keep birds, most if not all were first introduced to birdkeeping by somebody more familiar with the pleasures these small beauties can bring into a human’s life. They took the time and effort to see that our first introduction was a fulfilling one, and they made themselves available for the inevitable spate of questions and learning which follows. Many of us feel that it is up to us to, in our turn, pass […]

Why Won’t My Birds Breed?

Fall is the time of year when most people are busy enjoying their bird’s songs, rejoicing that the molt is over – many are preparing their birds for shows, or happily attending them, learning more about the various breeds and species or just enjoying seeing all the variety of birds usually present at such shows. Few people are thinking about the breeding season yet – that is a long way off, with months to go, for those of us who keep canaries. […]

Breeding Canaries In An Aviary

The Miracle of Breeding Canaries Breeding color canaries can be a lot of fun. It is a glorious event to see the eggs develop and hatch into tiny little creatures that immediately start begging for food. One may refer to it as instinct, but I prefer to see in such behavior the life giving hand of God directing every step from the drive to mate, to the “instinctive” building of the perfect nest, to the incubation of the eggs, their periodic turning […]
Common Canary Breeding Problems, Concerns and Care

Common Canary Breeding Problems, Concerns and Care

Three Types of Canaries When you decide to purchase a canary, you may choose from among three basic categories: Song, Colorbred and Type Canaries. Song Canaries include – American Singers, German Rollers, Spanish Timbrados or Waterslagers. These song canaries are judged in competition on how well they sing. Colorbreds come in 35-45 different color variations. Many feel the Red lipochrome canary is the most popular. However, there are so many different colors; it is hard to say which ones are the most popular. Everybody seems to […]
Preparing For Canary Breeding Season

Preparing For Canary Breeding Season

Breeding Season – 2007 December 25th is the day my build up programmes for the breeding season begin. By this time I will make sure I have everything I will need for the oncoming periods. This not only includes the obvious, nest pans, felts, nest material, but also feed and sawdust, spare perches and rings. Nothing must be left to chance, as the breeding season approaches all cage bird supply companies get very busy and you could be caught short. I know ring […]