Best Canary Perches, Swings And Toys


While there are thousands of great toys you can purchase for your Canaries, I am only covering the ones I actually provide for my birds. We have tried hundreds of toys over the years. Some fell apart within weeks, others stood the test of play and time… this list is the latter.



Plastic Perches: While wood perches are revered as “top of the line” (with a cost to match), I prefer to use plastic perches in the cage. I do however have both in my cages, I just like the plastic ones for their ease of cleaning! The best ones have a variable diameter from narrow to semi-wide and its top is flat. Wood perches can house leg mites and plastic perches are less likely. Do not use a sandpaper type perch. These cut the birds feet and do little to keep nails trimmed. If you buy a concrete perch make sure the top is flat and smooth with the back and front rough. It is also best to put perches on different levels to encourage more exercise. Some pet stores are still selling sandpaper bottoms for cages, do not use these.

Plain Wooden Perches and Realistic Wooden Perches: These are the wooden perches I keep in my cages.


Canary SwingThey should ALWAYS have a SWING WITH SPINNERS ON THE SIDES. These newer style plastic swings are just a WONDERFUL innovation for these little birds as they are ever so playful and can manipulate and turn these little “spinners” on the sides of the swings as they are within reach. They will spend hours turning these little spinners each day, and seem most fascinated with them!


Bellpull Bird Toy

Activitoys Moon Toy Triple Bird Toy


5 Pack Of Toys – This is a Favorite!

Sweet Feet and Beak Platinum Tweeter Toys Weave- Perfect cage Toy



Take a shoebox or baby wipes box or even a large cool whip container which is open and filled 1/3 of the way with Corn Cob Bedding. They love to jump in and out and pick around in the cob. I sprinkle the old seed hulls and sometimes a little fresh seed in on top and they just love to peck around in there scavenging! BIG FUN! This way, they will also pick out all the good seed left for you so you don’t have a need to “sift” through the empty shells, and it also gives them a great deal of entertainment doing this “chore”. They just love it!